Our career plans for employees


All the people at Proso are respectful towards each other in every single environment.


At Proso, we focus on solutions. We also pay attention to alternative methods. But we overcome the solution permanently, and we continue on our progressive journey.


We always feel proud of the successes in our job that we carry out with passion, and we always excited about the future. We embrace what we do and we do our bestto succeed. Our target is to improve our employees; it is our employees that make the difference in our work.


Information is provided to everyone on a need to know basis. Information is supplied on a timely basis to those who are affected from a new development. We defend etnical values and fulfiil our promises at all times throughout every single step of our work that we carry out with integrity and transparency.

● We are proud to be Members of PROSO
● We believe in the power of being one, being a unity.
● We are the pioneers of change; we are the first to change.
● We add our imagination to our works
● We believe in the fact that information is valuable when shared, not when kept secret.
● We treat all our employees fairly and with equal distance.
● We carry out our duties without forgetting that “we are humans” before anything else.
● We say “Thanks” for everything that is done nicely and well.
● We believe in the importance of an effective feedback.
● Mutual Respect is among our indispensables.
● We fulfil our tasks in line with PROSO values.
● We do our job duly and correctly and we direct everyone to do their jobs duly and correctly.
● We are driven by our solution suggestions, not by problems.
● We create an atmosphere of positive energy.
● We pay attention to striking a balance between our jobs and our private lives.
● We believe in the power of justice, trust and communication.
● We do not let our individual interests to prevail over our corporate and national interests.

Training & Development
This means the organization of training sessions under different headings to support the Personal Development, to improve the skills and competencies of our employees, to work out an environment where they can share their experience and to create an awareness and synergy. In order to ensure professional development, PROSO carries out training and development activities. We can categorize training operations organized with this purpose into three groups:

  • On-site (on-the-job) training
  • HR Development Plan Training
  • Technical Training

Performance Management System
A Performance Management System is applied for all employees to build a performance-oriented work concept reinforced by competencies and business targets created in line with the PROSO vision, mission and strategic targets and to ensure that our employees may improve themselves.
Basic targets of our Performance Management System:

  • To achieve corporate targets thanks to continuous feedback;
  • To build constructive and open relations between managers and employees;
  • To create a consent development culture throughout Proso;
  • To assess Proso employees, over correct and objective criteria.

We have three different internship programs:

  • Vocational School Training
  • Summer Training
  • Internship

Pursuant to the law no 3308, students of vocational schools may have training at our premises three days a week. Summer training opportunity for 3rd and 4th year academic students who should do a training work under mandatory rules at universities, preferably from Mechanical, Electric-Electronic, Industrial, Mechatronic, Material Science and Metallurgy Engineering Departments as well as from Business Administration and Economy departments (June-July/ August- September)

We offer internship opportunities in winter for project-based works with those universities with whom we have a protocol in place.

In line with our strategy and targets, we proceed with a recruitment process to get those candidates that suit our personnel needs and qualifications of positions so that the best ones will join the Proso family. It is highly important for us that our candidates should be well-trained and educated, should have qualifications and competencies that suit Proso’s mission, vision, values and corporate culture in particular, with high motivation and open to improvements and change and with a high level of confidence so that their works will make a difference in their field.
In case a candidate’s application is evaluated and his/her resume is found competent, he/she will undergo the following tests:
  • Personality inventory ,
  • Foreign language test,
  • Applied examination/ mechanical perception and technical tests.

In case a candidate passes these tests, he/she is interviewed by the relevant department managers and human resources department. If interviews are positive, a job offer is made to the candidate.

Our orientation process will start to help the new members of the Proso family adapt themselves to us quickly and efficiently and to harmonize themselves with corporate culture and values.

  • Occupational Health and Safety Training
  • Environment and Sustainability Training
  • Technical and Corporate Culture Training
  • Process and Facility Introduction
  • On boarding Mentor Programme

Our orientation process is completed with an organization called “Welcome to Proso Day”

You can send your CV to ik@prosogutma.com